[SunRescue] When IDE != IDE

BillBradfordmrbill at mrbill.net BillBradfordmrbill at mrbill.net
Sat Aug 12 22:06:37 CDT 2000

On Sat, Aug 12, 2000 at 11:45:33PM +0000, Martin Wedel -SR wrote:
> Hi all, 
>     Just to clarify something, in the Ultra5/10 series, do the IDE devices
> include special firmware code, or are they just standard off the shelf
> goodies that have been rebadged?
> Thanks!

When I built my Ultra 5 from a barebones box almost a year ago, I just
put in a standard Seagate 8.4gig IDE HD and a Toshiba 40x CD-ROM and
they worked fine (keep in mind that each device has its own separate 
IDE channel, and slave IDE devices - like having two HDs on the first
IDE controller - is unsupported by Sun, but people have reported success
doing it).

I beleive on older U5/U10s, you have to have the OpenBoot ROM firmware
upgrade (available as a "patch" from sun to re-flash your ROM) to use
/ recognize disks greater than 8.4gig.  I have no idea if anyone has
successfully used one of the newer huge IDE drives (17gig+) on a


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