[SunRescue] Spare 411 drive case

WilliamJanssenbillj at calweb.com WilliamJanssenbillj at calweb.com
Sat Aug 12 12:08:02 CDT 2000


I have three 411 cases with CD drives and two with 150 Meg tape drives.

Don't know what it costs to ship from Sacramento Calif.

Need shipping costs and What am I offered. I had to buy these things
to keep them out of the scrap yard.

Bill K7NOM

"Cyrus M. Reed" wrote:
> I'm looking for a 411 drive case that I could put a CD-ROM drive in.  I
> recently won a Sun CD-ROM on e-bay, but it didn't come with an external
> case. If anybody has a spare that they would be willing to part with
> please let me know.  Also, it seems my newly acquired CD-ROM drive came
> with a "free" copy of Solaris 2.4.  Is there an easy way I can use this to
> set up the SunOS compatibility feature of OpenBSD?  I noticed that there
> is an export directory that seems to have all the directories that I need,
> but not ever having dealt with Solaris that much I'm not sure if anything
> special happens when these files get installed that would keep me from
> just copying directly from the CD to the appropriate directories in my
> OpenBSD installation.
> Thanks,
> Cyrus
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