[SunRescue] Cheap SS4/5/10's?

Ken Hansen n2vip at bellatlantic.net
Sat Aug 12 10:24:55 CDT 2000

Take a look at www.computerfriend.com for some interesting deals
on SS5/SS10/SS20.

I think you could get a reasonable SS5 for $150 with some RAM.

The cheapest RAM is for an SS10 @ $1/meg. SS4/5, SS20 is about

SS10 is very expandable, but realize that any money spent on a system
of this level ($150) is money you will never get out the system later when
you try and sell it.



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Subject: [SunRescue] Cheap SS4/5/10's?

> I got a nice paycheck (since it's my last day tomorrow), and am thinking
> of finally upgrading one of my SPARCs.
> Any CONs of using a SS4?  I plan on using ONLY external HD's.  Also,
> is memory standard, or proprietary?  I'd prefer an SS10, but I'd like to
> below $150 if possible, for something with 64MB of RAM, and
> NO hard drives (already got 5.2GB).

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