[SunRescue] Look, SS20 RAM for $2/meg, plus a free SS20! SS5 RAM for even less... (also low-cost PCs)

scohen - Stephen Cohen scohen at acxiom.com
Fri Aug 11 16:47:48 CDT 2000

I am currently using a GDM20E20 on my PC with the adaptor.  However, I got
the adaptor from Cables Unlimited, not Sun.  Though its been a while, I
think it was less than $40.  I recall running across the invoice recently
... if I can find it again, I'll provide the specifics.

By the way, Windows98 had neither a Sun nor a Sony driver specifically for
the 20E20.  Once home, I'll look up the selected driver and post here.

The monitor works great with the PCs 8Mb SiC graphics card (non-3d).  At
12x10, 24 bit color and 85Mhz, it barely sparkles!


p.s.  The IPX from which the monitor came runs quite nicely without it.  I
just telnet in and X back to the PC.  

What are the commands needed to allow my PC to rexec into the IPX (the IPX
is running Linux kernel 2.2.16-3).  This way I won't have to first telnet to
it.  Exceed has a nice feature to automate this process, but the IPX won't
allow this kind of login.

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