[SunRescue] compuadd ss1

koyote koyote at koyote.cx
Fri Aug 11 02:39:32 CDT 2000

> make sure the CD drive is in scsi ID6 or check http://saturn.tlug.org/suncdfaq/
> for compatibility issues...

id 6, parity on, they mount fine from debian. One is a Sanyo CDR-h94smv
and the other is a plextor (which I'm told work 100%). (Perhaps there are
settings I'm missing?)

it is giving bad magic number.... is it possiblew that my archive isn't quite
And how would I go about generating an archive on a non-solaris *nix box that
would work- if this is the problem. 

> > (specs, compuaddss1, 40 meg RAM, some lsilogic framebuffer, converted pc
> > floppy, 650meg drive with a seriously hosed 4.2 install, 540meg drive (not
> > conneted), 1 gig drive (not connected), various generic scsi cdroms, ehternet
> > transceiver, 19" monitor)
> >
> If you REALLY want to get solaris on there, Id swap out the 650MB drive for the
> 1Gig you have...or use both 540 and 650 drives in the pizza box and juggle the
> partions...40 megs might be ok..not sure. I tried with 16 megs many moons ago and
> the thing choked during the setup.

I've thought that, if the archive is okay, I could put it on a hard drive.
would a dd of the image be installable?

I know I'm full of wuestions, but- I'm also looking for 150 meg tapes......

Thanks again,

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