[SunRescue] dsl advice

Ken Hansen n2vip at bellatlantic.net
Thu Aug 10 21:09:41 CDT 2000

PPoE is no problem for external routers like the Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL
and I suspect the D-Link and NetGeat units can also hadle this protocol.

Unlimited DSL at aprox. 700 Kb/s inbound, 128 outbound, and dial-up account
to boot
(for when I travel) for the princely sum of $39.95 from Bell
Atlantic/Verizon is quite

I am not aware of any lost options on my end due to PPoE interface, other
than to use
more than one computer on the connection I would need a $100 device (the
cost of the
Linksys single-port Cable/DSL unit)...

Not as big a problem in the real world, but you may have a philosophical
opposition to
it - your choice...


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> Thanks Paul,
> Im just getting my feet wet with the availabilities of DSL. Plus my area
is only limited
> to a couple of different providers :(
> Ive ruled out earthlink already because of the lame pppoe thing..aparently
many DSL
> providing ISPs are going with the PPPOE thing now so they can sell more
accounts with less
> hassle on their end... such a shame.
> Kurt
> Paul Khoury wrote:
> > On Tue, 08 Aug 2000 20:35:41 -0700, Kurt Nowak wrote:
> >
> > >Hello all,
> > >
> > >Im planning on getting DSL service installed in the near future, but Im
> > >still deciding on what service/ISP to chose. I dont need anyting fancy
> > >like SDSL...regular ADSL with a dynamic IP is ok.....Anyone have any
> > >advice and or preferences? Im especially concerned with the ease of
> > >implementing one of my Sparcs to run OpenBSD as a firewall/NAT to be
> > >internet gateway for my home lan. I notice many DSL services have it so
> > >the DSL modem is bound to the MAC address of the network card... Is
> > >there anything else i should be concerned with? Im looking at earthlink
> > >right now because the seem to have a good reputation and are one of the
> > >few providers in my area...anyone have any gripes with them?
> >
> > Yeah - you'll get lots of spam, you get the usual dynamic IP address,
> > you're supposed to use their pathetic WinPOET software.  Most of my
> > at Earthlink don't even use their DSL, but rather other providers. =)
> > (Fortunately, I start a new job on Monday, so now I can really make fun
of Earthlink).
> >
> > Not sure about broadband, but I do know tech support in general is
24/7/365, which
> > is a big PLUS.
> >
> >  Id hate to
> > >buy into a contract and then find out that i wont be able to work my
> > >Sparcs into the picture!
> > >
> > Well, to put it this way, the most Earthlink would do is give you the
> > I'm willing to bet I'm one of the few or only people/person who knows
about Solaris
> > in tech support anyways... =(
> >
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