[SunRescue] ss1000 cpu data mis-match error

JamesLockwoodjames at foonly.com JamesLockwoodjames at foonly.com
Thu Aug 10 15:17:33 CDT 2000

On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Brian McCloskey wrote:

> do i need new boot proms for the sm-81 modules? has anyone seen this
> error before? the proms installed on each system board right now are 
> 525-1325-07 - 525-1328-07. does anyone know which obp rev this is? i know 
> that the FEH states that the sm81 requires obp 2.22 or later on all boards 

The SM81 (SuperSparc-II) requires 2.23 or later in sun4d.  Your chips are
2.11v714, these will not work.  You need the 525-132x-11 or higher set.


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