[SunRescue] ss1000 cpu data mis-match error

Patrick Giagnocavo a222 at redrose.net
Thu Aug 10 15:14:58 CDT 2000

on 8/10/2000 3:57 PM, Brian McCloskey at checkinmystyle at hotmail.com wrote:

> when the system powers on, it will not complete a post, instead
> whichever system board is the lowest board installed, the post reports "CPU
> Data Mis-Match error" for both processors on that board. i have tried
> booting with only one board, only one processor, no memory etc. and the
> behavior is always the same.

When you turn the key ALL the way to the right, on the front panel, you put
the machine into extended test mode.  It will step thru ALL tests, and will
give you detailed instructions and diagnostic information.

When you do this, what is the full error message you get?


Patrick Giagnocavo
a222 at redrose.net

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