[SunRescue] ss1000 cpu data mis-match error

BrianMcCloskeycheckinmystyle at hotmail.com BrianMcCloskeycheckinmystyle at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 10 14:57:22 CDT 2000

hello, i checked the archives back to january and didn't really see
anything about this.

someone recently gave me an ss1000 with no cpu's or memory. there are
four system boards installed. i acquired 768mb of ram for it (32mb modules 
501-2196) and installed it according to the FEH. i then acquired 8 sm-81 
mbus cpu modules that are rated for the ss1000 according to sunsolve and 
installed them.

when the system powers on, it will not complete a post, instead
whichever system board is the lowest board installed, the post reports "CPU 
Data Mis-Match error" for both processors on that board. i have tried 
booting with only one board, only one processor, no memory etc. and the 
behavior is always the same.

do i need new boot proms for the sm-81 modules? has anyone seen this
error before? the proms installed on each system board right now are 
525-1325-07 - 525-1328-07. does anyone know which obp rev this is? i know 
that the FEH states that the sm81 requires obp 2.22 or later on all boards 
and i believe that prom rev 12 is obp 2.26 but since i can't make it past a 
post i can't tell which obp rev is provided by prom rev 07.

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