[SunRescue] Installing SunOS 4.x on a Sun 3 box

ed_mitchell at adc.com ed_mitchell at adc.com
Thu Aug 10 08:32:44 CDT 2000

The idea was to use diskless clients, which is why I thought Jumpstart was
ruled out.  Your example mentioned the client disks, which in this case
there wouldn't necessarily be. :)


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On Wed, 9 Aug 2000 ed_mitchell at adc.com wrote:

> the AutoClient(?) add-on, which costs.  I know jumpstart will set up
> installs, but lots of good that does when you 1) want to actually run the
> OS on the diskless box and 2) when you want to jumpstart 30 boxes(that
> poor, poor CDROM drive..;)).

Jumpstart is perfect for what you want to do, check the documentation
(Advanced Installation guide).  The normal case of a Jumpstart install
does exactly what you want, the setup scripts copy the CDROM files to a
local area on your boot server and the client systems load their OS onto
their disks however you like.


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