[SunRescue] compuadd ss1

koyote koyote at koyote.cx
Thu Aug 10 07:43:50 CDT 2000


I've been playing with a compuadd ss1 (sparc 1 clone) for a while. I've got
debian potato running, but would like to put an older (2.x) solaris on it.

I have a 2.6 cdrom, but I'm not sure if it is the right one, and if it is, it
won't boot. I belive this is because none of my 5 old scsi cdroms are models
used by Sun (or compuadd, i guess).

Is there any way to install short of finding a 411?

(specs, compuaddss1, 40 meg RAM, some lsilogic framebuffer, converted pc
floppy, 650meg drive with a seriously hosed 4.2 install, 540meg drive (not
conneted), 1 gig drive (not connected), various generic scsi cdroms, ehternet
transceiver, 19" monitor)


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