[SunRescue] dsl advice

PaulKhourypkhoury2 at loop.com PaulKhourypkhoury2 at loop.com
Thu Aug 10 06:24:05 CDT 2000

On Wed, 9 Aug 2000 09:50:41 -0500, scohen - Stephen Cohen wrote:

>I am using an i486 Linux box as my home's masquerade server and as an apache
>web server.  The network has three boxes behind the masquerade server -
>Win98, Win95, and a SPARCstation IPX running Linux.
>The only reason that the IPX isn't being used as the masquerade server is
>that the cost of the 2nd NIC is far greater than the entire cost I've sunk
>into the lowly i486.  Regretful.  But the i486 performs quite nicely in its
>assigned roles.
I will say that 486's work great as gateways, since you really don't need
an UltraSPARC or a PIII to do the job.
I plan on getting a ThinkPad 360x or 2 to use as backup NAT/gateways
until I get DSL/when I travel (sadly, I like to take at least 3 ThinkPads
with me when I travel, and sometimes I'll include the SPARC also).

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