[SunRescue] Installing SunOS 4.x on a Sun 3 box

ed_mitchell at adc.com ed_mitchell at adc.com
Wed Aug 9 20:54:58 CDT 2000

What is the prescribed method for netbooting/setting up diskless clients
under Solaris 2.X?  As I understood it, from Sun's pages, you had to have
the AutoClient(?) add-on, which costs.  I know jumpstart will set up
installs, but lots of good that does when you 1) want to actually run the
OS on the diskless box and 2) when you want to jumpstart 30 boxes(that
poor, poor CDROM drive..;)).


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On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Paul Khoury - Tech Support wrote:

> Is there any way I can install SunOS 4.x on a Sun3
> without using a tape drive?  I thought about NetBSD,
> which I used before, but I'd like to give SunOS a shot
> for the heck of it.

You can boot off of a CDROM as well if your PROM revision is high enough.
Depends on which sun3.

> Or is netbooting/installing not possible?  What about the Sun 2/120?

Netbooting is very possible.  Works great, though SunOS 4 netbooting is
slightly less cookie-cutter than Solaris 2.


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