[SunRescue] Installing SunOS 4.x on a Sun 3 box

PaulKhoury-TechSupportpkhoury2 at ritchie.loop.com PaulKhoury-TechSupportpkhoury2 at ritchie.loop.com
Wed Aug 9 20:11:20 CDT 2000

Is there any way I can install SunOS 4.x on a Sun3
without using a tape drive?  I thought about NetBSD,
which I used before, but I'd like to give SunOS a shot
for the heck of it.

Or is netbooting/installing not possible?  What about the Sun 2/120?
I still have yet to play with my machine.  Also, do I need to set any
jumpers on the Sun 2, including diagnostic switches to use my terminal
as the console?  I noticed lots of jumpers on the boards.  I'll take
pictures and post them on my site if it helps.



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