[SunRescue] dsl advice

KurtNowakknowak at polymail.cpunix.calpoly.edu KurtNowakknowak at polymail.cpunix.calpoly.edu
Wed Aug 9 17:13:22 CDT 2000

Chris Terwilliger wrote:

> BSD Bob the old greybead BSD freak wrote:
> > Are there any issues with machine speed in using an older sparc as a
> > gateway?  I was thinking of doing something similar, and have available
> > things like an IPX or an SS2, or maybe a DEC 3000 that I could use.
> > What are the pros and cons of using older slower equipment as gateways
> > for the home net, at the usual home connect speeds one is likely to get
> > these days?
> I use an IPX running Redhat 5.2.  It performs flawlessly, I never touch
> it.  More than enough speed.
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Heck, i set up an SS1+ running OpenBSD and ipfiler/NAT to be a gateway for my
friends roadrunner cablemodem...its been solid as a rock, and up for several
months without a reboot...and he doenst notice any difference! He just has
his SS5 and his wifes PC on the other side though...so not too much of a

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