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scohen - Stephen Cohen scohen at acxiom.com
Wed Aug 9 09:50:41 CDT 2000

I am using an i486 Linux box as my home's masquerade server and as an apache
web server.  The network has three boxes behind the masquerade server -
Win98, Win95, and a SPARCstation IPX running Linux.

The only reason that the IPX isn't being used as the masquerade server is
that the cost of the 2nd NIC is far greater than the entire cost I've sunk
into the lowly i486.  Regretful.  But the i486 performs quite nicely in its
assigned roles.



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> If you can do DHCP you can use your sparc on just about anyone's DSL. 
> If you do NAT, no one will know (hence care) that you are supporting a
> whole LAN off your computer.  That's my take on it anyway.  I use NetBSD
> on a Classic as my gateway to the internet, via DSL.  Seems to work
> pretty well.

Are there any issues with machine speed in using an older sparc as a
gateway?  I was thinking of doing something similar, and have available
things like an IPX or an SS2, or maybe a DEC 3000 that I could use.
What are the pros and cons of using older slower equipment as gateways
for the home net, at the usual home connect speeds one is likely to get
these days?


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