[SunRescue] dsl advice

Ken Hansen n2vip at bellatlantic.net
Wed Aug 9 06:06:55 CDT 2000

My local DSL provider uses PPoE, an unusual protocol that that "emulates"
dial-up over ethernet.

I have nothing but *praise* for my little linksys cable/DSL router - a four
port 10/100 switch with all the features most home users would want, for
about $160 from buy.com. They now offer a single port version (no switch)
for just over 100 from buy.com.

After my account was established with Bell Atlantic (required a PC to run
their set-up software), I was able to swap in my linksys cable/DSL router in
under 30 minutes, *including* re-flashing the software in the router!

The deciding factor for me was the 10/100 ports - I want to run 100 baseT at
home, and such a card for my SS5 would have cost *more* than the router. Now
my SS5 is hooked up to a 10 baseT string off the router.

Also, services like www.tzo.com and www.dyndns.org offer low-cost/free
dynamic DNS nameservices for folks connected to the internet with dynamic IP
addresses. You can run servers with such a service. My sparcbook is
accessible at n2vip.dyndns.org, and it is behind my linksys router.



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> Hello all,
> Im planning on getting DSL service installed in the near future, but Im
> still deciding on what service/ISP to chose. I dont need anyting fancy
> like SDSL...regular ADSL with a dynamic IP is ok.....Anyone have any
> advice and or preferences? Im especially concerned with the ease of
> implementing one of my Sparcs to run OpenBSD as a firewall/NAT to be the
> internet gateway for my home lan. I notice many DSL services have it so
> the DSL modem is bound to the MAC address of the network card... Is
> there anything else i should be concerned with? Im looking at earthlink
> right now because the seem to have a good reputation and are one of the
> few providers in my area...anyone have any gripes with them? Id hate to
> buy into a contract and then find out that i wont be able to work my
> Sparcs into the picture!
> Thanks for any help
> Kurt
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