IRIX 6.4? (was: Re: [SunRescue] SS10 SX board...curious)

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Mon Aug 7 11:08:59 CDT 2000

on 8/7/00 11:55 AM, Dave McGuire at mcguire at wrote:

> Man, I've got a 16MHz R3000-based Personal Iris that does better
> than that.  There's *something wrong* here.
> -Dave McGuire
> On August 7, nick at wrote:
>> We've obviously got different ideas of what "not too bad" means.  I tried
>> to start one of the GUI admin tools, and it made the sound, but didn't do
>> anything.  About half an hour later I looked, still nothing.  Then when I
>> got back in from lunch (~1.5 hrs after I double clicked) I was amazed to
>> see it up and running.  I had assumed it had cored or otherwise
>> died.  That is one extreme, I was also amazed at how well it did GL stuff
>> ( I really shouldn't have been), but I still wouldn't want to ever use it
>> for my workstation.
>> Nick
I agree.

Sounds more like a timeout problem - maybe it was trying to look up its
hostname or something over the Net, and it was waiting for 30 or 60 seconds
each time, or waiting for a daemon process to respond (that wasn't up and

I used to own a 33Mhz R3k Indigo (XZ graphics) and it was "ok" but by
current standards would be considered too slow for GUI work.  But what a
beautiful display (on a 20" monitor) with 24 bit color and hw GL!


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