IRIX 6.4? (was: Re: [SunRescue] SS10 SX board...curious)

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Mon Aug 7 10:43:48 CDT 2000

We've obviously got different ideas of what "not too bad" means.  I tried
to start one of the GUI admin tools, and it made the sound, but didn't do
anything.  About half an hour later I looked, still nothing.  Then when I
got back in from lunch (~1.5 hrs after I double clicked) I was amazed to
see it up and running.  I had assumed it had cored or otherwise
died.  That is one extreme, I was also amazed at how well it did GL stuff
( I really shouldn't have been), but I still wouldn't want to ever use it
for my workstation.

On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, Bjrn Ramqvist wrote:

> nick at wrote:
> > 
> > Hehe, anything much older than an O2 won't run 6.4 in any worthwhile
> > way.  I know, I've got a "speed daemon" r5k 180mhz indy running 6.4.7 (I
> > think, might be 6.4.8), and it HURTS.  I've never seen a gui that slow
> > since I ditched the 386 that was running xfree86.  It might work ok sorta
> > mabey if you nuked all the GUI, and had a nice GIO scsi system, running
> > nothing but exactly what you needed.
> I believe you refer to IRIX 6.5, 6.4 were never named "6.4.x" until the
> introduction of 6.5.
> I run IRIX 6.5.8 on my 128MB R4600PC-100 Indy at home, and that's not
> too bad IMO. I'd even prefer that over an SS2, actually. Only thing that
> keeps the graphics slow is the CPU load for all 24bit->8bit conversion.
> In this case, SGI has dropped support for the 32-bit platforms from IRIX
> 6, ie all the R3000-based machines. That includes the R3k Indigo (not
> the R4k based), all the R3k based IRISes and the Chrimson. That's
> perfectly understandable, since it would only be painful to keep
> supporting these, as technology tends to go forward in a drastic speed.
> Imagine a R3000 Indigo "maxed out" with 96MB of RAM... I see the point
> in dropping those old toasters, really.
> IRIX on an R5k based machine is not that painful. It's quite useful for
> home use IMO, whereas at work I'd would go for atleast Indigo 2/R10k or
> Octane. Keep in mind that the R5k still lives a quite happy life in an
> O2, because of all it's hardware tweaks around the CPU. (Putting an R10k
> into an O2 doesn't give it that performance boost you would imagine, in
> all aspects)
> If anyone wants to run old R3000 beasts, there's always IRIX 5.3, which
> IMO is not that bad either. Lightweight and pretty solid.
> 	/Regards, Bjorn
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