IRIX 6.4? (was: Re: [SunRescue] SS10 SX board...curious)

BjrnRamqvistbrt at BjrnRamqvistbrt at
Mon Aug 7 03:42:49 CDT 2000

Kurt Mosiejczuk wrote:
> > won't be bothering with X on any of my SPARCs.  IRIX is just too good.
> >       Grego
> *shudder*
> I suppose that may be true for a home network, but I have a friend who
> went from an all-Sun shop to Sun and SGI, and is now back to being all-Sun
> BECAUSE of IRIX and the (lack of) support SGI gives out.
> Fun stuff like:
> Admin: We've got this bug.
> SGI: That's fixed in 6.4
> Admin: But my machines won't run 6.4
> SGI: Correct.
> Admin: So can I get a fix for my machines?
> SGI: That bug is fixed in 6.4
> Ugh.

Uuh... just for curiosity, what machine doesn't run 6.4, beside the
Chrimson and the old R3000-based Indigos and Personal IRISes?
Those were dog-slow anyway, so consider that as an almost as "foul act"
of dropping old hardware support as Sun does with Sun4 vs SunOS 2.6 and
Sun4c vs SunOS 2.8.
IRIX 6.4 should be no problem, even on fairly old hardware.

	/Regards, Bjorn

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