[SunRescue] Star Office 5.2

EarlBaughearl at baugh.org EarlBaughearl at baugh.org
Sat Aug 5 16:29:38 CDT 2000

So, I take it we need to "store" some copies of 
Star Office 5.2, English CD's? *wink*  I happen to 
have that CD at the office....

P.S. StarOffice is GPL'ed for future releases, so
it's still "free"...maybe not in media form from
Sun, but perhaps others (see recent slash dot for 
more info...)

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>From: "Mike Hebel" <mhebel at methode.com>
>To: "Rescue at Sunhelp. Org" <rescue at sunhelp.org>
>Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 12:51:20 -0500
>Subject: [SunRescue] FW: Contact Sun - Product Question        (KMM149875C0KM)
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>Well that's a bummer.
>>>Contact Sun - Product Question (KMM149875C0KM)
>>>Dear Mike Hebel,
>>>Your assumptions are correct. 
>>>If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.
>>>Lexia Sumsion
>>>Sun Customer Service Specialist
>>>Original message follows: 
>>So in other words StarOffice is no longer a free product except in 
>>form and as soon as the documentation is completed for the other 
>>the CD kits for those will disappear as well.  Do I have the right take
>>this?  Please correct me if I'm wrong.
>>Mike Hebel

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