[SunRescue] Using a SS1 to key a radio transmitter via RS232?????

BSD Bob the old greybead BSD freak bobkeys at weedcon1.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Fri Aug 4 17:39:22 CDT 2000

OK, wilde haire time, here.... (propeller-beanie spinning)....

I have an amateur station that I want to key morse code out of using
one of my toy sun boxes.  I would like to toggle the RS232 pins
for TX and ground high/low at a keying rate.

Currently, I use a pc to do that, but hey, no fun..... Suntoyz are more fun.

Anyone got any pointers/info/source bits that might allow one to toggle
a serial port on a Suntoy, say, anything from an old 3/160 up through
an SS1 or IPX or so?

My interface is a generic thing that uses a series diode, and a small
12V reed relay to key the line.  When the line is negative the reed is
open, when the line goes high, the reed closes.

The trick is doing that at a syllabic rate of about 10-20 transitions
or so per second max with accuracy.

Timing is everything, so I need some way to time, independent of the OS,
say from a hardware clock, or something like that.  The OS and program
need to check the time, occasionally (every 10 ms or so, and toggle
the line appropriately.

How might one do this sort of thing on a Sun?

Also, toggling sound along with it would be nice.

Any pointers or suggestions are appreciated.

Surely someone has done this before?



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