[SunRescue] CD's I just had drop in my lap...

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Fri Aug 4 10:37:19 CDT 2000

I don't have an external case for you but I might be able to provide a SCSI
CD that boots Solaris on Sparc properly.  I got a few installed in a large
AT server cube that I just received from a friend.  I'll re-post with the
exact drive model later.  I have one on my SS5 at work right now that I
booted from to move /var from one drive to another so I know the drive

Mike Hebel

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> BSD Bob,
> I'll trade you the 2.5.1 OS media for your 411 CD.  The OS was loaded on
> IPX and ran quite nicely (at least as far as an IPX can run it!).
> Regards,
> Steve

I'll have to pass.  I have been looking for any sun CD at a reasonable
price, for almost a year.  I had been using and old apple cd, but it
would not boot from it.  Now, hopefully, I can boot my machines off CD
as opposed to tape or floppy.

Good Luck finding one of your own, though.  They be somewhat not-so-common
critters, it seems.

Thanks for the offer, tho.....


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