[SunRescue] CD's I just had drop in my lap...

MikeHebeldruaga at pmail.net MikeHebeldruaga at pmail.net
Thu Aug 3 16:18:04 CDT 2000

I just had a couple of CDs drop in my lap so that I could make "Archival
Backup Copies" of them.  Could someone tell me what they are exactly and
were they fit in the scheme of things?

Solaris 1.2 (Sub-labeled: SunOS 4.1.3 and Open Windows Version 3 Sparc)
Sun-4m Supplement (Sub-labeled: for Solaris 1.1 SMCC Version A Sparc)
Solaris 2.3 Sparc
Wabi 1.1 for Solaris 2 (Sparc x86)
SunPC Version 4.0.1 for Solaris 2

I know basically what these are but I need more specifics.

Also if someone would like to store my archival backup copies *wink wink*
please contact me personally.

Mike Hebel

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