[SunRescue] Enlightenment

Jonathan Eisch jeisch at boku.net
Wed Aug 2 08:36:51 CDT 2000

Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> package from www.sunfreeware.com.  Bill seems to like WM as a WM.  I just
> don't run X on my SPARCs anymore, so I don't have a preference.  My x86
> machines run GNOME, using Sawmill.

if you are set on using a window manager other than open Windows on a
SS2, I'd put NetBSD (I haven't used open) on it and then choose a fairly
low resource one, I used OpenStep for a while on a diskless classic and
it worked about as fast as CDE on my ss5.  suppose that has a bit to do
with ram, the classic has 40mb.


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