[SunRescue] SparcStation 10 questions

Gregory Leblanc GLeblanc at cu-portland.edu
Tue Aug 1 23:59:30 CDT 2000

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> Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> > > The trashfairy recently left me a parted out SS10, and
> > > was wondering if anyone had any good info on these boxen
> > > (preferably an online version of the manual)
> > >
> > > If anyone has cheap RAM for one, I'd be interested.
> > 
> > Ooh, I need one of those trashfairys.  :-)
> The trashfairy also left behind a pair of parted out IPXs.
> Another question. I am having a hard time finding out what the
> MBUS and SBUS cards in the SS10 are. Checked the board FAQ pages
> and only found a match for the cpu module (5012219016397 which
> I assume is a 501-2219, a SM40). Cant find anything for:
> 5012275005281 (says printer on the faceplate)

This is an SBUS card (but you knew that).  It's for a NeWS printer.  I think
it needs a special cable to talk to a NeWS printer.  Check out the archives,
there are some more details there.

> 5011931015543

I find this one as a Serial/Parallel controller.  No real information on
this one, but do a search for 501-1931 on google, it turns up a few hits.
CCNY may even be able to tell you a little about it (that's the first link
on my search).  

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