[SunRescue] SS20 (??) is it really?

Chris Conn cconn at abacom.com
Fri Jul 30 06:37:04 CDT 1999

> Run a module-info, it will tell you more.  If you send your results then I
> can give you a speed comparison.


Here is what I get:

MBus  :  50 MHz 
SBus  :  25 MHz 
CPU#0 :  60 MHz SuperSPARC / SuperCache

Also, how fast is the /dev/cua/a port on the SS20?  Can I run it at
115200? (one of the reasons I am getting rid of my SS4 is the 38400 max
on the serialA...the other being 8bit color).

Once I get a VSIMM for this machine I will have a SS4 forsale cheap if
anyone is interested.  Here are the specs:

110Mhz CPU
32Mb RAM
internally-mounted 1Gig disk
internally-mounted CDROM
onboard TCX framebuffer (remember, this is the 8bit version)
no kbd, no screen

I am looking for 500$ Canadian, whatever the exchange rate for US funds
is at that time, buyer pays shipping.  It is very clean.  Will trade for
a 4Mb VSIMM and a SM61 Mbus module =)

Thanks again,


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