[SunRescue] VME expansion card?

apotter at icsa.net apotter at icsa.net
Wed Jul 28 18:08:03 CDT 1999

> Does anybody know where I can get a VME Ram expansion card for my SS 4/330?
> It has 32 ram in it right now, and I can get 32-pin true parity simms pretty
> cheap ($13 for 4meg) so I'd like to bump it to as high as it can go.

The memory expansion cards for the 330 are peculiar to the x30 chassis, and 
(used to be) expensive.

I'd check with Chris Patterson of www.mce.com.  I know that he has compatible 
memory a LOT cheaper than $13/stick for 4x9 30 pinners, and he may be able to 
hook you up with the expansion cards.

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