[SunRescue] Solaris 2.6 - more stupid questions :-)

Reagen Ward ward at zilla.nu
Sun Jul 25 14:26:16 CDT 1999

On Sun, Jul 25, 1999 at 04:28:39PM +0000, David Cantrell wrote:

> First off, my machine came with Solaris 2.6 pre-installed and no media. 
> And no manpages.  Any idea where I can download a complete set?  I 
> don't really want to copy them from one of my Linuxen or my SGI cos 
> that'll just confuse me when the Sun versions of the tools have 
> different cmdline switches.

My SB3GX came with 2.5.1 and no manpages (or media, but that was part of the
deal).  I ended up loading 2.6 on it since Tadpole wants $75 for a replacement 
CD of 2.5.1 (I've got a 2.5.1 license).  While that's not terrible, my wife 
suggested that I find a cheaper way to do things. :)

I'd go ahead and get a copy of the media.  You can usually find media on ebay or
just order it from Sun..  A while back, I signed up as a sun developer (for 
free) and they sent me 2.6 for Sparc and Intel.  I know you can do the same 
thing with 2.7, but it's a big of a hog.  Worst case, get the 2.7 stuff and just
install the man pages.. they'll be close enough to what you need.  For all I 
know, the manpage packages are the same on 2.6 sparc and intel.. you can find 
2.6 intel media pretty easily on the usenet, ebay, etc.  If you have a 2.6 
license, I can probably scrounge up a spare 2.6 CD.

> and that sort of thing works on all my other machines.  The only thing 
> I can think of is that I'm being denied access via rsh, but I _have_ 
> put the NT box into /etc/hosts.equiv.  Any ideas?

rsh is also rather hostname resolution sensitive.  Try using IP addresses and 
see how it goes.


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