[SunRescue] Trade old VME Sun stuff

Kent Rankin srao at usit.net
Sat Jul 24 03:39:39 CDT 1999

>I myself am looking for a Sun-3 VME SCSI (also NCR 8530 SBC, Sun part #
>501-1236) (si) SCSI adapter for my Sun3/260.  This is the last component
>I need to finally get my big'ol sun3 working.  Anyone have any?  I will
>trade for a Ciprico VME scsi card that is not supported by NetBSD =)

    I've got numerous VME-based Sun-3 SCSI adapters, but none by that part
number.  Anyone know of any reason that they wouldn't work for him?

                                                -Kent Rankin

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