[SunRescue] US ftp repository for Sun3 archives? Where?[D

Kent Rankin srao at usit.net
Sat Jul 24 03:36:09 CDT 1999

>> >Also in surplus was a Genuine BULL unix box (EuroZenith thing maybe?).
>> >It has a nice tape drive that may be a 250 or 525 mb drive, also scsi.
>> >The tape door flops down like a truck tailgate, if that helps to
>> >the drive manufacturer.  It probably has a couple of useful scsi HD's
>> >also, in parts in it.  Should I scrap the BULL for parts for the old
>> >Suntoyz, or is it worth loading up something like one of the freebie
>> >BSD's or Linux on... it seems to be some kind of 486/133 or pentium/133
>> >PC in a funny tower box.  Anyone know anything about it?
>>     I may entirely erroneous on this one, but the Bull's that I know to
>> most common are AS/400 clones.
>I think you are wrong Bull did produce pc's for a while...Aldo Bull never
>realy succeeded in having a market share as oposed to their MainFrame
>Branch who was quite successfull for a time...However they did not make
>as/400 closes at least not in europe...They had some Unix Midi machines
>that looked like a pc... however I'm not shure anymore because last time I
>used a Bull at work was in the early 80's...

    See, I was correct in at least one thing!  That little "I could be
wrong" statement does come to prove it's worth when you are proved to be so.

    Anyhow, the AS/400 wasn't even around before 1988(when IBM's System/36
was given a sibling), so that might have something to do with your lack of
exposure on that line.

    I do seem to recall that they have produced numerous product
lines(tempted to say an RS/6k machine as well lies in my past).  My main
reason for recollection on the AS/400 bit is that I almost decommissioned a
*VERY* large one the other day, but instead decided to not pick up another
large AS/400 until I sold my current six-rack AS/400(afterall, one 7000 lb
setup is enough for a platform you don't usually sell<grin>).

                                                    -Kent Rankin

P.S. - If anyone wants to help me break that rule(see above note on 7000lb
setups), I
       would be more than glad to purchase a CDC 6600 or Meikos.  =)

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