[SunRescue] Trade old VME Sun stuff

Joe Ammond jra at twinight.org
Fri Jul 23 15:10:11 CDT 1999

As I'm moving to a new job out of state, I'd like to get rid of some
stuff that I don't use.  This stuff is all outside of Atlanta, 30017
for shipping info.

I have:

1 4/3x0 VME mboard.  No RAM.  Onboard cg6.
 (I'll toss in the 4/3000 series mboard reference)

1 4/110 VME mboard.  No RAM.  P4 CG6.
 (I have a cable to connect type4/5 keyboards to this mboard)

1 4/110 case.  Slightly scuffed and dinged, but it's clean inside, and works

1 SBus cg3 framebuffer.

1 two slot cg6 SBus framebuffer.

I'd like to trade for: SS10 RAM, or cash.

I have VME shipping boxes for the mboards, but the case is heavy.  Ideally
someone local for the VME stuff would be great.

I'm posting this here, as I hate to see good Sun hardware go to waste. 
This ain't the fastest equipment in the world, but it still runs.

Joe Ammond                                                  jra at twinight.org

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