[SunRescue] US ftp repository for Sun3 archives? Where?[D

scott at imsa.edu scott at imsa.edu
Fri Jul 23 14:21:22 CDT 1999

> 1) an Apple cd thing in a flat grey apple box about 8 inches square
>    and 3 inches thick.
> Anyone know if those kinds of scsi CDROM drives will work on a Sun 3
> or a Sun 4 or an early Sparcstation or IPX?

The Apple should work on the Sparcs.  I had to do exactly that a few
years ago when we didn't have a CDROM for a solaris upgrade.

Note that only the older, slower Apple drives worked (that old 0.5k vs 2k
buffer thing), but for 2 bucks, it's one of the older ones almost assuredly.

Scott Swanson
scott at imsa.edu
day job: scott.swanson at ctw.org

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