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Michael C. Vergallen mvergall at double-barrel.be
Thu Jul 22 17:12:28 CDT 1999


Dous anyone have a spare sparc machine for this group ? I'm kind off
helping them as much as I can but I don't have a spare machine at the
moment to give them. So if any sun vendor has some sun box they want to
donate or an individual who has a spare sun box to give to that group I
would personally apreciate it.

Michael C. Vergallen

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Subject: Linux Demo Day


			Hope you are well ?? :-)

	We have organised a Linux Demo Day in Sheffield which will take 
place at Blackwell's Bookstore at West Street in Sheffield.  See 
http://www.blackwell.co.uk.   We will have enough room for about 12 
computers.  We already have about 6 PCs.  I'm trying to get Sheffield 
 University to understand that a Sparc machine would be useful.  SuSE 
are helping me along the way as well as Red Hat.

	Things should work out fine.  If you wish to help or mention this to 
a friend please do.  I have an MS Word document which gives details 
of Linux Demo Day.

Thank you

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