[SunRescue] SS2 Problems

Jeff Stuesse jds at enterpriseconsulting.com
Thu Jul 22 10:07:24 CDT 1999

Tim is right....so as a side note...trivia round about work-a-round you could
set :
setenv diag-device disk
just don't power off :)

Tim Hauber wrote:

> This is a symptom of Sun's philosophy about workstations.  The machines
> have two boot modes, the normal one (which is usually local disk) and the
> diagnostic one, which happens when you either boot to diag mode
> intentionally, or the machine finds errors trying to boot.  The ROM
> default for diag mode is to netboot, which is what your machine is trying
> to do.  When you get the NVRAM problem resolved, you can actually set the
> diag mode boot to be from another local partition (I believe, from playing
> with NVRAMS  with a friend) so the machine will try to boot from your
> normal partition, but if it can't it will try from a backup partition you
> set up.  These things can be extremely resilient if set up properly, as
> close to unstoppable as a computer can get.
> The NVRAM problem is most easily solved by replacing, but if you are a
> cheapskate you can hack the one you have.  Normally all that is wrong is a
> dead internal battery, and with a hacksaw (no pun intended) and a
> soldering iron you can substitute an external battery.  I've done this
> with 4 or 5 IPCs and IPXs, and it really isn't difficult.  The battery is
> on the end away from pin 1, be careful of the pin 1 end that has the clock
> crystal on it.  When I did it I even managed to save my first experimental
> one.
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