[SunRescue] SBUS Arteport 4 port serial card

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Subject: [SunRescue] SBUS Arteport 4 port serial card


I have a 4port SBUS Arteport serial card in my SPARCstation IPX which is
not doing anything (since I am lacking the cable/4port serial connector).
Can this card be used in a SPARCstation4?  The reason I ask is that I am
very tired of having to live with 38400 serial speeds when my V.90 USR
courier could give me better net access.

I don't know much about this card since the IPX was pretty much given to
me; is there anyone out there that has seen/used/using this type of card?
I would be curious to know if it would be worth looking for a way to
obtain the lacking cable to get it to work.  Also, I suppose it would need
some sort of driver?



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