[SunRescue] Sun mouse upgrades, or, cheap thrills with a soldering iron

Sheldon T. Hall shall1 at columbus.rr.com
Thu Jul 15 05:51:28 CDT 1999

James Lockwood wrote:

>The small AS/400's are the size of tower PC's.  Some slightly older,
>nearly free (when you can find them) models are about the size of a large
>VME box (like a 4/670) and can handle normal environments just fine.

At this year's Dayton Hamvention, in addition to the guy with pallets of 
old Sun "lunchboxes" there was a guy with 8 or 10 of those little AS/400s. 
 Not being an AS/400 kind of guy, I didn't pay much attention, and I don't 
have a clue to the guy's identity.  You might inquire on one of the amateur 
radio newsgroups; someone must know....


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