[SunRescue] Re: RE: [SunRescue] Sun mouse upgrades, or, cheap thrills with a soldering iron

Kent Rankin srao at usit.net
Tue Jul 13 19:36:47 CDT 1999

>rescue at ohno.mrbill.net,Internet writes:
>>I think that's good rescue information, actually; it might keep some Sun
>>gear in use when a "more responsive" replacement had been planned.
>>On the other hand, if folks don't replace Sun stuff, we'll have nothing
>>to rescue....
>I'm all for replacing old sun stuff, especially if it isn't that old and
>you are less than an hour away from me.  Are there lists like this for
>other types of computers?  In my efforts to construct a "working" computer
>museum I would like to get my hands on a lot of stuff that is being tossed
>now, the IBM stuff, the PDPs (I know, most of thm are already gone), I'd
>love a VAX, so if anyone knows specific lists I would appreciate pointers.

    I know of where some VAX 11/785's are just rotting away, they're loaded
with boards(ie. at least 32MB of RAM), and the owner probably wouldn't want
much for them(I worked them out for $250 each recently).

    They're in SW Virginia(in Dublin, VA; about 15 minutes from Blacksburg,
where Virginia Tech. is).

                                            -Kent Rankin

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