[SunRescue] Re: RE: [SunRescue] Sun mouse upgrades, or, cheap thrills with a soldering iron

Tim Hauber Tim_Hauber at STEV.net
Mon Jul 12 12:24:36 CDT 1999

rescue at ohno.mrbill.net,Internet writes:
>I think that's good rescue information, actually; it might keep some Sun
>gear in use when a "more responsive" replacement had been planned.
>On the other hand, if folks don't replace Sun stuff, we'll have nothing
>to rescue....

I'm all for replacing old sun stuff, especially if it isn't that old and
you are less than an hour away from me.  Are there lists like this for
other types of computers?  In my efforts to construct a "working" computer
museum I would like to get my hands on a lot of stuff that is being tossed
now, the IBM stuff, the PDPs (I know, most of thm are already gone), I'd
love a VAX, so if anyone knows specific lists I would appreciate pointers.

TIm Hauber

"Proximity to wonder has blunted our perception and appreciation of it"
--Tim Hartnell in 'Exploring ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE on your Commodore 64'

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