[SunRescue] **OFF-TOPIC** any help appreciated

Ed.Mitchell at centigram.com Ed.Mitchell at centigram.com
Wed Jul 28 14:03:45 CDT 1999

Had a problem similar to that.  Turned out to be DNS being weird...giving
the wrong hostname - IP match for the given IP.

What happens if you try to telnet to localhost....?

From: "Lyndon Griffin" <lgriffin at naviant.com> on 28/07/99 18:41 GMT

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Subject:  [SunRescue] **OFF-TOPIC** any help appreciated

I'm having a strange problem with a Sol7 box - once the system is up and
running, in multi-user, any
inetd - spawned service will not authenticate.  I have checked that passwd
and shadow are intact and properly
being updated.  Basically, I get something like this:

$ telnet machine.server.com
Connected to machine.server.com.
Escape character is '^]'.

and then... infinite hang.  This is the same with telnet, rsh, ftp, etc.

any suggestions?  BTW - the box was working great up until yesterday, and
nobody made any changes - it just
stopped working.  Reboot has no effect.


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