[SunRescue] SS2 DNS - stupid question?

David Rouse drouse at arlington.newsargus.com
Sat Jul 24 13:35:36 CDT 1999

Has the machine been told to use DNS? You should have an /etc/nsswitch.conf
that should have an entry that looks like:

hosts:	files	dns

There will be other entries in the file as well. If you aren't using NIS they
should read 'files' as well.

I also gave my DNS server an alias of 'dns' in my /etc/hosts file, I don't know
if that is needed, however.

Also, my /etc/resolv.conf looks more like this:

domain newsargus.com


> My Sparcstation 2, with Solaris 2.6 is working nicely now.  It can see 
> my network, it can see other networks too; even Hotjava is working - 
> and currently downloading Netscape to replace it.
> Trouble is, I can not persuade the machine to do any DNS lookups.  I 
> have created a resolv.conf file, and it can ping my DNS server.  Any 
> ideas where I'm going wrong?
> # cat resolv.conf
> search barnyard.co.uk
> search wirestation.co.uk
> nameserver

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