[SunRescue] US ftp repository for Sun3 archives? Where?[D

Reagen Ward ward at zilla.nu
Fri Jul 23 14:47:57 CDT 1999

scott at imsa.edu wrote:
> > 1) an Apple cd thing in a flat grey apple box about 8 inches square
> >    and 3 inches thick.
> ...
> > Anyone know if those kinds of scsi CDROM drives will work on a Sun 3
> > or a Sun 4 or an early Sparcstation or IPX?

I found that the Apple CD 300 didn't work well at all with sun4c
machines.  Worked fine with my sun4m machines, though.

I'd also reference the Sun CDROM FAQ (http://saturn.tlug.org/suncdfaq).


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