[SunRescue] 3/60s FS in UK

David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Sun Jul 18 14:09:21 CDT 1999

Just saw this lot advertised in uk.adverts.computers.  Thought I'd copy 
it here for you lovely people :-)



The following Sun kit is going to the skip Thursday 22nd July, any 
offers to
save it:

Sun3 Base Units

1 Sun3/60 Colour 16MB Ram, Type3 kbd, optical mouse.     25UKP ono

1 Sun3/60 Colour 8MB  Ram, no kdb.                                    
15UKP ono

1 Sun3/60 Mono 16MB Ram, no kbd, no mouse, power supply not working and 
fuse blown, otherwise works OK.                                         

SCSI Items Used with above Sun's

External disc pack (non Sun), contains Hitachi 1.2GB 5.25 full height
SCSI disc                                                           30 
UKP ono

External disc pack (non Sun), contains 2 3.5inch discs totally approx 
with SunOS 4.1.1 on them, used with Sun3/60 CG above.            15 UKP 

1 Philips/Sun 19" Mono Monitor                                         
35 UKP

Misc Computer Equipment

2 Epson RX-80 9 pin dot matrix printers                            

All kit is in Bristol and will need collecting by Friday 23rd July.

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