[SunRescue] Sparcstation4 aui ethernet connector.

Creasey, Jon JCreasey at wakefield.gov.uk
Fri Jul 16 03:52:49 CDT 1999

Iv'e wiggled the cables well.  If i do an ifconfig -a should it show the
interface even if it's not configured  as all it shows at the moment is lo0.

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On Fri, 16 Jul 1999, Creasey, Jon wrote:
>	While trying to make the above talk to the rest of my house network
>i came across a problem whereby Solaris doesn't acknowledge that the
>interface eth0 (If thats what it should be on Solaris) even exists.
>Basically my question is if there is any way to persuade Solaris that the
>interface exists and let me configure it for my house network.  The
>mentions something about forcing it to use aui with the net-aui command but
>that isn't recognised as a command by the bootprom.

  Hmm...should be "le0" under Solaris, and it should auto-switch to
interface it sees carrier on.  Is it not doing so after a good

             -Dave McGuire

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