[SunRescue] Sparcstation4 aui ethernet connector.

Creasey, Jon JCreasey at wakefield.gov.uk
Fri Jul 16 03:46:52 CDT 1999

	While trying to make the above talk to the rest of my house network
i came across a problem whereby Solaris doesn't acknowledge that the
interface eth0 (If thats what it should be on Solaris) even exists.
Basically my question is if there is any way to persuade Solaris that the
interface exists and let me configure it for my house network.  The bootprom
mentions something about forcing it to use aui with the net-aui command but
that isn't recognised as a command by the bootprom.

Jon Creasey
Intranet/Internet Administrator
JCreasey at wakefield.gov.uk

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