[SunRescue] Cheap Xterminals

Bill Bradford mrbill at frenzy.com
Fri Jul 2 10:08:08 CDT 1999

Just wanted to point out that I've got an ad running on sunhelp right
now (the "green text on black background" banner ad)  - NCD 19R 19" monochrome
x terminals, with keyboard, mouse, and monitor, and *software* (which is
the hardest part to get), for $20 plus shipping.  (which ususally runs
around $20-25).

He's got about 30 of them, so they'll go fast...


Bill Bradford * mrbill at sunhelp.org * http://www.sunhelp.org
>From a Sun Microsystems bug report (#4102680):
"Workaround: don't pound on the mouse like a wild monkey."

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