[SunRescue] FS: UK Sun Kit

Richard Ingram rji at bristol.st.com
Fri Jul 2 05:47:32 CDT 1999


I am moving to the US so need to sell off my old Sun Kit, I have used it for
the last 3yrs with NetBSD and SunOS. I really don't want it to goto the skip!

Sun/Axil Sparc5

Sparc1 Pizza box with Axil 85(could be 70)MHz Sparc5 clone motherboard, 32
(could be 64MB) RAM, CG6, Type4 kbd, Optical mouse.    250 UKP

(needs PROM setting changed to work with Trinitron monitors below, did work
 with my old Hitachi 4119 Sun monitor).

Sun3 Base Units

1 Sun3/60 Colour 16MB Ram, Type3 kbd, optical mouse.    50 UKP

1 Sun3/60 Colour 16MB Ram (8 seen), no kbd or mouse.    25 UKP

1 Sun3/60 Mono 16MB Ram, no kbd, no mouse, power supply not working
and kbd fuse blown, otherwise works OK.                 free with above

SCSI Items Used with above Sun's

External disc pack (non Sun), contains Hitachi 1.2GB 5.25 full
height SCSI disc, currently with Redhat Linux5.2 on used with
Sparcstation1                                            75 UKP

External disc pack (non Sun), contains 2 3.5inch discs totally
approx 500MB with SunOS 4.1.1 on them, used with Sun3/60 CG above.
                                                         50 UKP

Sun Monitors

1 Sony/Sun 19" GDM-1962 Trinitron Monitor               100 UKP
1 Sony/Sun 17" 17E10  Trinitron Monitor                  75 UKP
1 Philips/Sun 19" Mono Monitor                           35 UKP


1 Tektronix TekXpress XP338 fully loaded 3 72pin SIMMS colour X-term,
20" Fixed freq monitor, no kbd/mouse/cables

Misc Computer Equipment

1 DEC VT320 terminal                                  20 UKP

All equipment is either in Sussex or Bristol. I can deliver within
reason for cost of petrol etc.

*I am open to offers* on everything - e-mail me on above address and
CC richard at rjingram.freeserve.co.uk.

If not disposed of by 16th July it will go to the skip and a land fill.




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