[SunRescue] ss 4/470 for sale or trade

Kent Rankin srao at usit.net
Thu Jul 1 16:44:25 CDT 1999

>> Personally, I have a love affair with "big iron".  I"ve got most of a
>> in my garage, and talked with a guy today about obtaining another , or at
>> least the guts to one.. my ideal acquisition would be a PDP-11, tho -
>> always wanted one, and now I have a rack (an empty 690 chassis) to put it
>> in...
>> If I only had the money and a truck to collect stuff fulltime..
>> Bill

    I've got a working(and quite loaded) six-rack AS/400 from IBM with
everything needed(incl. manuals, terminals, etc.) from 1992 that I'll sell
for $1500.  Interested?  =)

    Trust me on this one... it's big Aluminum.  =)  7,000lbs worth of big

                                        -Kent Rankin

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