[SunRescue] Old Skool Sparc 2 with SunOS 4.1.1

paul pries paul.pries at sonera.com
Thu Dec 30 06:01:40 CST 1999

OK, if I recall everything correctly, just
plugging in an 
ordinary tranceiver in the back of the ss2 would
do the trick.

To enter the eeprom, follow these steps:
- turn on the power

- when the boot starts, press the "stop" and "a"
keys (L1 a).

- at the ">" prompt, type "n" for new command
  ( if the prompt anything else than ">" you
probably are in
  the new mode already)

- type "printenv". This will show some variables
with their settings.
  locate the one that is named something like
"carrier test" (I'm 
  taking this from memory and don't know the exact
variable name...)

- type "setenv <variable name> off"

- type reboot to reboot the box.

Done. :)

tangui at cell2000.net wrote:
> Sorry for the double reply... but also can you tell me how to enter EEPROM?
> I 've only done it by luck
> Stou
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> > Try connecting it to a network. This will fix your
> > problem. There is also an eeprom variable to turn
> > off the carrier test, but I don't remember the
> > name
> > of it right now...
> >
> > Paul.
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