[SunRescue] Solaris driver for ArtePort Sbus Card

Chris Conn cconn at abacom.com
Wed Dec 22 11:59:18 CST 1999

Ian Williams wrote:
> I have discovered a couple of old Arteport Serial Cards in a an old
> SunOS system.   I would like to carry on using these cards on our
> Solaris systems, but I am having some problems trying to source the
> Solaris driver software for these cards.
> Does anyone know where I might find this software - perhaps if anyone
> knows who made/makes these Arteport Serial cards.
> Thanks in advance,

I had them sent to me from Atecon.  I haven`t had a chance to test them
yet, however the drivers were modules designed for 2.5.1.  They say they
"might" work in 2.6, but since it is a EOLed product, they weren't any
more clear.

Anyone know if it is legal for me to provide them in this list?


Chris Conn

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